Let’s start with an easy one. Few years back, I had a colleague who found it too difficult to file out an EXCEL spreadsheet when assigning or when someone return a PC. Consequence, this was a problem to keep an updated asset list in the company. First, I told him, OK, you print a word document where you will fill ‘name, firstname,…’ and get it signed by user. Then you give me the paper, and I’ll take care about our XLS file.

That was also too difficult for him… Unfortunalty (for him), he got fired… not only keeping a XLS file or word document up-to-date was a problem, but just coming to work was for him at the end…


Anyway, I was also tired of that paperwork just to keep my asset list up-to-date. So what you do when you tired and lazy of doing something? -answer, you build a script that will do it for you 🙂 . And here it is, I’ll explain each function


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One more POSH blog…

One more POSH blog to show the world my big… skills with PS 😉 …. Actually, I created this blog to put all scripts I created, as a reminder for myself, and also share it with everyone who wants to use/custom them.

Finally, I’m not english, so my english is not parfait, and I didn’t create PS so my script ain’t too.